Best ways to reuse credit cards

Credit cards are very important companion for people in the present times. These tools takes of the care of your monetary transactions and helps you with your shopping demands. Moreover, with owning credit cards, you get chance to win many travel and shjopping rewards which makes your more exciting.

Given is the list of the top ways that you do to reuse your credit card.

iPhone stand

You may now have the capacity to watch a full-length movie on your cell phone, but who wants to hold a phone for two straight hours? Not us, that is for sure. Just use your expired credit cards to create a stand that can be stored flat but quickly assembled to put on your desk or airplane seatback tray. That will leave your hands free to eat popcorn and guzzle soda.

Battery card cover

If you have ever lost the battery cover to a remote control, a mouse or any other small electronic device, you know exactly how exasperating it is to keep your batteries from tumbling onto the floor. Duct tape, rubber bands and twine are all crummy solutions, and buying a whole new gadget seems awfully wasteful.

Magic Wallet

What better place to stash your cash, business cards and receipts than in a wallet made of credit cards? This clever storage device has been around for decades, but this 21st century variation helps hide your valuables within your valuables. The flat, laminated cards can work especially well for this project.

Guitar Picks

For musicians, guitar picks are an inexpensive, indispensable tool but they are sometimes impossible to find when you need them. You can create your own endless supply of guitar picks with some extra credit cards, a Sharpie, and a pair of scissors. You can try different range of different cards to get your preferred thickness and flexibility-but to avoid the laminated cards.

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